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"TEGAN: ” ‘My number’ was written about my best friend, who, he like had this intense emotional relationship with me and then he fell in love with me. It was so hard for me, I felt so sad for the loss, and the loss was so gigantic because I was in the midst in a kind of emotional love affair with a friend of his who was a female. The triangle between us was so sad and so hard, and I put a ‘he’ in the song and I hate playing the song now because it’s so hard to explain that to people. Where as if I had just written the song and taken that one word out, the song would make universal sense to everyone. So I think that pronouns, they really do limit the songs for me even, to be able to sing ‘Where does the good go’ you know, 5/6 years later, I can’t be overly specific or else it’s just too much. It’s like that song is about that time and I’m not there anymore so I don’t want to sing that song. Where as if you keep it somewhat general, like if I keep it about myself, it’s very easy to relate it to other things in my own life. So yeah, I don’t think it’s conscious so much as I’m just not attracted to doing it after 3 years of being on the road and playing ‘My Number’ I was like, if I have to sing ‘he’ one more time…(laughs) so I stopped saying he, and for years started saying ‘Keanu’ because ‘My number’ was in the movie he was in! So I was all like, ‘this song is for Keanu’.”"
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